Guam has several quality lending institutions. It’s best to start with a bank you already do business with to get pre-qualified and then to see what sort of loan package they can offer. Then visit the mortgage departments of at least 2 or 3 other banks to do the same. Your agent can help you compare the loan packages and assist you in making a decision that is right for the property you wish to purchase.

Allied Bank  649-5001

Bank of Guam  472-5300

Bank of Hawaii  479-3500

Bank Pacific  472-6704

Citibank  477-2484

Coast 360  477-8736

Community First

Finance Factors

First Hawaiian Bank  475-7900

Oceanic  Bank  637-1037

Pacific Island Development Bank  477-0047



671-648-1962 (fax)

353 Chalan San Antonio Suite 202
Photo Town Plaza Bldg
Tamuning, Guam 96913


Jen J.
A gem among the stones!

Carol C.
Relationships come first. His business decisions are representative of that value.

Joe F.
He's a different kind of broker and that's a good thing. His agents admire his kindness and integrity. I am very impressed by that.

Joy C.
We love the new house. Thanks for helping us find exactly what we wanted.

He went beyond what was required. He's not just our agent, we now consider him a friend!