Most rental vacancies occur during the summer months.  This is the period when military families, and local families usually depart Guam.  This is the prime period for moving, with thousands of properties flooding the market.  It’s still possible to find a home year-round, but summer is the best time.


It’s important to know the going rates for the property type you desire.  Any landlord in the MLS will  be advised by their Agent to price their property at market price, and landlords usually want to stick to that price tag.  However, our Blue Pacific agents many times can negotiate them down.  With that being said though, its important for you to adjust your expectations for what is available on the market within your price range.


Beyond monthly rent, there are other fees which may come into play:  Common area fees, landscaping fees, pool cleaning, power, water, internet, cable TV, telephone, etc.  Each property has its own fee requirements.  Some landlords (for an extra fee) will cover some utilities for you (however they usually charge more than if you were to obtain it yourself).  A Blue Pacific Agent can work with you to help establish your monthly budget.


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A gem among the stones!

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Relationships come first. His business decisions are representative of that value.

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He's a different kind of broker and that's a good thing. His agents admire his kindness and integrity. I am very impressed by that.

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We love the new house. Thanks for helping us find exactly what we wanted.

He went beyond what was required. He's not just our agent, we now consider him a friend!