3. Matsumoto, Kyoko

Kyoko Matsumoto

Associate Broker

648-1960 office

Kyoko Matsumoto started her real estate career on Guam after she moved from San Diego California in 2008. She was instrumental in 2011 in assisting the office with the sale of the Aurora Resort and a number of other properties owned by Japanese clientele. At present she maintains and manages several properties for off-island owners.



671-648-1962 (fax)

353 Chalan San Antonio Suite 202
Photo Town Plaza Bldg
Tamuning, Guam 96913


Jen J.
A gem among the stones!

Carol C.
Relationships come first. His business decisions are representative of that value.

Joe F.
He's a different kind of broker and that's a good thing. His agents admire his kindness and integrity. I am very impressed by that.

Joy C.
We love the new house. Thanks for helping us find exactly what we wanted.

He went beyond what was required. He's not just our agent, we now consider him a friend!