Before you go on any showings, it’s important to know the price ranges you can expect for the property you plan on purchasing.  Expectations must be managed to ensure your budget matches the reality of the marketplace.  You can search the Guam MLS by using the form on our homepage.


If you will be using bank financing to purchase your home, it’s important to know the amount of money you will be able to borrow.  It’s equally important to know the rates you will qualify for, as this determines your monthly pay-down.  So if you plan on a taking out a loan, it’s important to pre-apply, and get pre-approved ahead of time.  This ensures that you will be able to finance your desired purchase.  Try our Guam Mortgage Calculator to see what your monthly payment will be for your desired loan amount.


When calculating your total monthly property cost, you must also take into account taxes and insurance.  Although it can be difficult to determine your specific taxation and insurance premiums, due to the variable nature of property costs, areas, and other factors, your lending institution  should be able to provide you with a price range estimate based upon your specific circumstances.



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